Textile Art

Amy does a textile decoration technique known as batik with pigment dyes and wax in her garage. She starts with white fabric and applies wax to save this color.  The fabric is then dyed the lightest color and dried.Once the fabric is dry, more melted wax is applied and the new color in the next dye bath is repelled by the wax.

This process is an ancient one that has been used in many different cultures. Wax is only one kind of resist used in textile arts. It is repeated again and again until the colors are the right combination. The wax is then removed by ironing it off of the fabric and onto paper.

The same process is used in making “pysanki”, intricate and colorful dyed eggs made in traditional Ukrainian designs using wax and dyes. At the end of the process, wax is removed from the eggshell using a candle and a soft cloth.

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