Artist Statement

Art has many levels to it.
Some art starts as an idea and ends up going nowhere.
Other art starts as an idea and becomes manifest as a finished object.
Yet other art gets started, becomes organized and ends up as a stepping stone to another plateau on the creative ladder of expression. Starting out to make that “stepping stone” doesn’t work. It would be nice if it did, but it gets to be born of ideas that I was not dreaming of to begin with. That is how I stepped into all of the processes I have done: here are the tools, let’s see what you can do with it.

Having space and materials is good.

Color and Movement has been my recent focus and it has been easy to achieve this in slab-glass designs. Acquiring twists and turns without conjuring destruction or fear has been an enjoyable challenge in the glass compositions.
The colors are too much fun to place near each other that it is hard to be a minimalist with them. Movement (without chaos) through color has caused me a few sleepless nights just because the colors are too beautiful to put down.

I consider the movement and color images to be abstract and conceptual in origin. The slab-glass is a dangerous medium from creating sharp edges, then grabbing them and placing them where they belong. Printmaking is totally different, using concrete illustrated ideas instead of emotional abstractions in compositions.

The glass is a type of mosaic pattern that I have translated partially into batiks.
Some of the batiks have bird images that are more concrete and illustrative, like drawings and etchings.  So far, the etchings and relief prints do not have a link to the slab-glass or batiks, but they are distantly related because I do them.
I have recently added mosaics into my arsenal of art process. The use of small pieces of glass puts me right at home in sorting out colors and ideas. In mosaics, one does not need light to make the colors vibrant, but in slab-glass, it is the transparent light that is critical to see the colors in that art form.
My prints tend to be minimal in color, which is contrary to the slab-glass and mosaics.  I learned early on in printmaking that when one makes a composition, if it cannot stand on its own, color will not save it.  Printmaking is on one extreme of my art while slab-glass is on the other.